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Britt Profile Photo | Website Photo copyBrittany Stresing, CPO, FAAOP is a Nationally Certified Prosthetist & Orthotist, Fellow of the American Academy of Orthotists & Prosthetists, and is the Founder and President of LimBionics of Durham. LimBionics is a premier Prosthetic & Orthotic (P&O) facility with multiple locations throughout North Carolina. Prosthetics is the profession of evaluating, designing, fabricating, fitting, and aligning prosthetic limbs and body parts. Orthotics utilizes braces and technology to improve function, inhibit pain and improve quality of life.

Brittany acquired her unique passion for the profession during her early teenage years as she received orthotic treatment for scoliosis, leg length surgery and other spinal issues. Brittany was able to learn a great deal through her medical and orthotic treatment. She has a genuine understanding of how to properly treat, respect and listen to patients. To achieve optimal results and enhance patient compliance, Brittany feels that being passionate about her work, individualizing treatment plans and maintaining a patient-focused perspective are necessary for successful outcomes. Additionally, as prosthetic and orthotic technology evolves, Brittany makes it a priority to constantly research and provide cutting edge devices for her patients.Femoral Osteotomy

After completing her dual residency and subsequent employment at University Of North Carolina Hospital (Level 1 Trauma), Brittany transitioned to Lead Practitioner of a private P&O practice where she was able to triple gross revenue within a year and later became manager of the practice. During this time Brittany gained a reputation for taking on difficult cases and providing her patients with unrivaled medical care and respect. Brittany had always dreamed of starting her own practice and her success provided the validation and motivation to begin that journey.

As an unconstrained and self-reliant business owner, Brittany’s success and company have continued to grow. In 2015 she was awarded Healthcare Hero Rising Star by the Triangle Business Journal and Woman Of Achievement by Durham Magazine. Brittany has also achieved one of the highest accolades in the profession, becoming a Fellow of the American Academy of Orthotists, Prosthetists and Pedorthists (AAOP). She was the first woman selected for Ossur’s Women’s Leadership Initiative Program, which promotes and cultivates female leaders in the P&O field.

Outside of every day business, Brittany has dedicated considerable time to philanthropic and altruistic causes.  She is an Officer for the North Carolina Orthotic And Prosthetic Trade Association (NCOPTA) and held the Secretary Position since 2013.  She has been nominated to continue these duties with the Association through 2017.  Brittany has also been selected as President-Elect for the North Carolina Chapter Of The American Academy Of Orthotists And Prosthetists (NCAAOP) and is collaborating with the current President to ensure all future state meetings are organized well and executed efficiently.

In 2014 and 2015 she volunteered at the Valor Games Southeast as an On-Site CPO and Medical Staff Member.  Both years she participated in the full 3 day event, assisting with emergency prosthetic and orthotic repairs, minor wheelchair repairs or modifications, wound care prevention and management, muscle strains.  She has been selected to lead the Medical Team at the 2016 Valor Games Southeast.

Valor Games | SouthEast

Brittany actively and regularly volunteers with Bridge2Sports, which is a nonprofit organization who’s mission is to educate, develop, and implement opportunities for youth and adults with physical disabilities to play individual, team and recreational sports. She has participated in planning, organizing and served as a the staff CPO for several Adaptive Golf Clinics. With her background as a competitive golfer Brittany was asked to collaborate with a Bridge2Sports Program Director to create a recurrent Adaptive Golf Program.  Brittany is a Committee Board Member for the Girls Inspired Girls Empowered Program (GIGE), created by Bridge2Sports. This program was created specially for females with physical disabilities, empowering these women to discover what their strengths and capabilities are, create friendships, become active and allow each to feel confident and comfortable with who they are. She meets monthly with the Board and our most recent project is the planning, organization and grant writing for an upcoming GIGE 3 Day Conference focused on educated and empowering young females and their female family members or caregivers.

Amputee Rally | Washington D.C. 2015

Brittany has spent time meeting with North Carolina senators and legislators as a patient advocate and supported organizations that fight for P&O patient’s rights.  In November 2013, she personally met with Senator Kay Hagan’s Staff to discuss and explore solutions to several important issues of our career field, such as RAC Audits, Distinguishing DME and P&O and Medicaid Reimbursement.Brittany has been a recurring Guest Speaker for Duke University’s Doctorate Of Physical Therapy Program in 2014 and 2015, presenting on the Fundamentals Of Orthotics & Prosthetics and the Orthotic Treatment Of Neurological Patients.  Additionally she was a Guest Lecturer for Duke University’s Biomedical Engineering Program, presenting on Upper Extremity Prosthetic Treatment & Technology.

In collaboration with another local rehabilitation center, Brittany helped create a clinic for Gait & Balance Abnormalities. This new program is a multi-disciplinary after-hours clinic specializing in CVA, Multiple Sclerosis, Ataxia and other balance and gait related disorders.  She has volunteered her time and expertise to speak about Balance Wear Vests, KAFO & AFO options and technologies and additional strategies for neurologically complicated diagnoses. We are one of only 2 locations able to provide the Balance Wear vest in North Carolina and several surrounding states.  In addition to the Gait & Balance Clinic, Brittany teamed up with the lead Physical Therapist of a local rehabilitation facility to develop a Lower Extremity Amputation Prevention Program (LEAP), to educate diabetic patients and their caregivers on proper skin care and preventative strategies. LEAP provides a free clinic with team of qualified medical professionals (nurse, physician, physical therapist and Orthotist) that would examine, educate and teach medical strategies for optimal health and the avoidance of amputation.

In Brittany’s free time, she enjoys competitive golfing, cooking savory dishes and experimenting in the kitchen, traveling the world and experiencing other cultures, artistic craftwork like welding and glass blowing, and most importantly, spending time with her family, fiancé and 6 year-old Vizla pup.