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Types Of Prosthetics Durham



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Upper extremity amputations are often very difficult to handle physically and mentally. This is generally due to a number of daily tasks that require the use of our arms. This is a life changing amputation that takes a detail-oriented, highly trained and caring Prosthetist to ensure a comfortable and well working upper extremity prostheses. These prostheses can be simple, such as a body-powered prosthesis with a hook, to more advanced technology such as myoelectric and bionic hands or wrists. Prosthetic hand options vary from those that only open and close, to those that can dynamically adjust, allowing users to hold a pencil, operate a computer mouse, or hold wine glass.

Upper Extremity Prosthetic designs vary based on the level of amputation. Some patients are considered as partial hand or partial finger amputees, while others have above or below elbow amputations. Limbionics’ practitioners are experienced in these differences of these distinct amputation levels and best practices for successful prosthetic intervention. Our Prosthetists are able to provide some wonderful technology such as the I-Limb Quantum hand, Naked Prosthetics partial finger prostheses, I-digits for partial hands, Bebionic3 hand, Michelangelo hand, Utah arm, and any other prosthetic device on the market today.

LimBionics practitioners specialize and enjoy creating sport or activity specific prosthetic arms for our clients. For example, we are able to create specific upper extremity prosthetics for gymnastics, fishing, shooting, archery, photography, playing guitar, weightlifting and any other activity you wish to perform. It is our goal to get you as active as you would like to be and return to any and all activities you enjoy. Our practitioners stay on the cutting edge of the newest prosthetic technologies and have an extensive knowledge of available options, devices and designs. No two people are the same, so we treat each patient as an individual and customize the treatment plan to address their specific needs. LimBionics is here to help you through this process and would enjoy speaking to you about how we can assist or what options are available. We have taken on many challenging cases that others have not been able to do so we are proud to help or advise anyone needing assistance.

We are certified and able to provide all of the following prosthetic devices below. Click any of the images to find out more about that specific prostheses. Our practitioners are happy to discuss treatment options with you and help you decide if one of these prostheses are right for you. If you’re not sure what your insurance will cover or what type of prostheses you need, please call us to speak with a Prosthetic Treatment Expert to get the answers you need. You can find out full contact information HERE or give us a call at this number (919) 908-8976.

Prosthetic Devices BeBionic Hand

One of the most lifelike multi-articulating hands available that provides numerous grip patterns to allow patients to do things from tying their shoes to typing to picking items up.

Prosthetic Devices ILIMB Quantum

An advanced hand that is controlled with slight muscle movements or an app on your phone to do 36 individual grip types. One of the the most advanced prostheses available!

Prosthetic Devices Michelangelo Hand

This prosthetic hand provides natural movement and has 7 functional grip patterns. Users can grab keys out of a door, hold a glass, or open the hand to hold and receive items.