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Amputee & Patient Support Group

We at LimBionics feel that our job isn’t just to design and provide a prosthesis. We want to ensure your long term well being physically, mentally and socially.
Losing a limb can be devastating and it could happen to anyone. We want to provide a network of support to help you in way you need.
If you have an amputation scheduled, we would be more than happy to help answer questions you may have about what will be occurring and the purposes for things after surgery.
We also have specialized Peer Visitors available for you to speak to.  We know that some people like speaking to another amputee who has been through similar situations and may have advice to give. We have many people who enjoy speaking to others and would love to speak to you or your family members if you would like.  Please just let us know and we can schedule a time for a peer visit at a doctors office, rehab facility, or on the telephone. Peer visitors provide many resources, life experiences, and support which has proved to be invaluable to many amputees, family members, and friends.
LimBionics of Durham has created groups in association with the Amputee Coalition of America to gather and help each other as well as plan events that they can do and empower each other to continue striving for success. The group is called A.B.L.E. Amputee (Amputees Believing in a Life Empowered) and the Durham group meets once a month at the Brian Center of Durham at 6000 Fayetteville Rd, Durham, NC 27713.
You can follow the ABLE Amputee group and get updated information by visiting the official website or by following us on Facebook at the ABLE Amputee Facebook page.