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Van Ness Rotationplasty

Rotationplasty is a type of amputation that is not very common but typically is used is in cases of osteosarcoma (bone cancer) and some congenital defects in the lower leg. The rotationplasty involves a partial amputation of the leg above the knee followed by The lower leg and foot being rotated 180 degrees, the length is adjusted, and the tibia is then fused to the femur. The foot is now located where the knee used to be, with the heel now in the front and the toes pointing backwards. The ankle is now being used to function as the knee joint. This procedure is beneficial to patients because it creates the potential for more mobility and function as opposed to a typical above the knee amputation. These prostheses are very intricate and much different from a tradition style prosthesis.

Hip Disarticulation

A hip disarticulation is a surgery that removes the entire lower limb at the hip.. It is most commonly used in cases of cancer, trauma, and sometimes severe infections. This is not a common amputation but can be treated with a prosthesis if the patient is highly motivated to walk again. These prostheses are very detailed and difficult. We are able to treat those with hip disarticulations that desire to walk.

Multiple Limb Loss

Some patients have lost multiple extremities and vary greatly from one person to another. We understand that those with multiple limb loss that there may be more therapy needed and rehab mentally as well as physically and we are able to form a full team for the optimal outcome. We are here to help support you through this rehab process and all of its aspects.

Rare Birth Defects

LimBionics has treated many with different rare congenital abnormalities that did not fit in a category for treatment. These cases took us designing “outside the box” to try and solve the issues and help them regain their function and achieve their specific goals.